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Locals fight for cots after Rahul Gandhi Khat Sabha

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi started his ‘Kisan Yatra’ (farmer’s rally) on Tuesday to charm the local voters to support the Congress. Be that as it may, his ‘Khat Yatra’ (cot march) took an extraordinary emotional turn when the supporters fled with their seats.

After Rahul Gandhi’s address to farmers in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, in a ‘khat sabha,’ the participants in the rally took the cots from the venue to their homes.The Rudrapur ground in Deoria, where the rally was held, turned into a site of bustle when the neighborhood supporters, who had gone to the venue to go to Gandhi’s rally, started battling about the cots after the rally finished. Numerous were seen conveying the cots home.

Gandhi, in his speech, offered credit waivers to the farmers in Uttar Pradesh furthermore a 50 percent lessening in their energy levy. After his speech was over, the farmers were seen battling among themselves for the seats. The ruckus started when some supporters started grabbing the leftovers, similar to water bottles, after the occasion. Some of them also manged to bring the cots with them, which incited several others to stick to this same pattern.

Around 2,000 wooden cots were reportedly laid out in the Deoria ground to give seating facility
to farmers.

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