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Court Postponed Snake Gang Case Sentence

The Ranga Reddy district court on Tuesday found eight of the nine Snake Gang accused guilty of rape and torture. The eight accused will be convicted on Wednesday.
The Pahadi Sharif police booked nine of the snake gang members on July 31, 2014 on a complaint filed by a woman of sexual assault after scaring her and her friend at a farm house. After arresting the accused, police had investigated into their other offences and found that they had been threatening girls with snakes and raping them. The accused were also torturing people and extracting money. A total of 37 victims came forward to complain and 21 of them deposed before the court.
Police have filed cases under various sections of IPC including Sections 376-D Nirbhaya Act, 323, 395 and 452 for gang rape, torture and dacoity. The court reserved the judgment on Tuesday.

The accused – Dayani, Khader Barakba, Tayyab Basalama, Mohammed Parvez, Sayyad Anwar, Khaja Ahmed, Mohammed Ibrahim and Ali Barakba were found guilty and the accused A-9, Salam Handi was acquitted.
Lawyers at the court said the nature of crime will attract imprisonment up to 20 years.

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