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Mudragada Speaks To Media Over Kapu Reservation

Kapu pioneer Mudragada Padmanabham on Sunday made it clear that the group had no alternative yet to proceed with the battle till consideration of Kapus in the rundown of BCs was finished.

In a letter kept in touch with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, a duplicate of which was discharged to the media, Mr. Padmanabham asked why there was excessive postponement in pronouncing reservations to the Kapus.

“The administration is responding on a war-balance on issues, for example, securing of terrains for development of the capital city and mechanical center points, and constraining agriculturists to offer their territories at an ostensible cost. However, with regards to the issue of the Kapus, it has not been responding quickly and taking choice,” he stated, affirming that the legislature was continually concentrating on checking the development by utilizing the police and enrolling false arguments against the individuals who were effectively taking part in the fomentation.

“In the event that the administration neglects to satisfy its guarantee, it will be a thrashing for both the gatherings – the Kapus and the administration,” he said and tried to comprehend what Mr. Naidu was expecting as an end-result of incorporating the Kapus in the rundown of BCs.

Mr. Padmanabham additionally said that the main accessible choice for the Kapus was to proceed with the battle in various structures.

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